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September 13, 2016
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How long have you known each other?


Shane – 14 Years

Anita-14 years


How did you meet? Who, What, When, Where, Why? Common spill the beans!


Shane – I was taking orders drunk at Burger King drive thru (I didn’t work there), when Anita pulled up I took her order then left the restaurant and got in her car randomly. It was such a good first impression, that she had my friend (who worked at Burger King) to meet up again…at Burger King, or maybe I had my friend contact her? The specifics are vague.


Anita-I went with my friend to her work, Burger King, thru the drive thru. Some random guy took our order (my friend was like “what the heck”) When I pulled up to the drive thru window, Shane came out the back door of Burger King and hopped in my car. He was slightly intoxicated. LOL. I thought he was hilarious and sweet and I got his number soon after. I spend a lot of time at Burger King that year.


When did you know your fiancé was “the one”? Was there something specific that he/she did?


Shane – You don’t choose a person on one specific thing, Anita is Caring Loyal, Honest and amazing women. She has always been there for me through everything, her many amazing traits is how I knew and know she was\is the one.


Anita-Shane and I were together a long long time ago for a few months. Things lead us in different directions but we ALWAYS remained in touch. We still spoke daily. I knew he was the one when many years later we decided to give it a go again and went on our first re-date. I knew we had both grown up a lot. I had the best time with him. I couldn’t get him off my mind. He was generous, and loving and kind and helpful. I kind of always knew he was “the one” but that night solidified it.



What is your favourite thing about your fiancé?


Shane – How kind hearted she is, she will never put herself first over anyone and always wants to see the people around her happy.


Anita-He is the best man I know. Hes kind, and honest and THE best daddy. He puts everyone ahead of himself. He always makes sure the kids and I are taken care of before he thinks of himself. And he would give anyone the shirt off his back.


What do you love to do together?


Shane – Most of the time, when they are well behaved, we love spending time with the kids and as a family. When the kids are gone, we enjoy having a drink, watching movies, puzzles, board games (not video games) and of course Sunday trips to Costco.


Anita-Sunday trips to Costco are the best! I love dressing up and going for dinner with him. Afternoons outside having a drink. Bonfires. Snuggles in the morning. Watching the tv shows I can’t tell anyone he watches. LOL


Tell us about the proposal.


Shane – I had bought a ring about a month before the proposal, at that time I had to spend a week in Detroit for work and Anita was coming with me. The hotel we stayed at was right on the river walk, my initial plan was to propose there. However, scares that she would find ring in a random border search had me re-plan the proposal for a Niagara Falls trip a few weeks later.   I proposed looking over the falls, then we spent 3days\nights taking it all in with wine tours, steak dinners and fireworks over the falls


Anita- we went to Niagara Falls. Shane has this thing where he makes itineraries for every trip we go on. He made me a drink and sat a chair down at the window overlooking the falls. He handed me the intinerary. The second page said “our engagement celebration” I looked at him and was like “what?” and he got down on his knee and proposed. It was amazing. A dream come true.


Besides getting hitched, what was each of your favourite parts about the day?


Shane – Single me would have said the open bar, however having all of our family and friends join us for this special time was probably the best part, other then seeing my beautiful wife to be walk down the aisle.


Anita- oh gee. The photos in the tall grass with all the bugs but all the laughs that came with it. Getting ready and seeing my two little girls in their dresses. Seeing my dad for the first time. Seeing Shane waiting for me. The butterflies everyone saw flying above us that must have been my grandma and papa. The epic dance party! The whole day was everything Id dreamed of.


List of Vendors:


Videographer: LC Productions

Photographer:Jana Burns

Ceremony Location:Best western lamplighter inn

Reception Venue:Best western lamplighter inn

Wedding Planner:

Decorator:Patzees floral scapes

Florist:Patzees floral scapes

Cake Bakery:Patzees floral scapes

Dress Designer:Alfred Angelo

Bridal Shop:Balletts Bridal

DJ or Band:Rick Addy

Tux Rentals:Moores

Bridal Party Make-up:Lindsay Seaton and Deanna Griffin

Bridal Party Hair:Marsha Burton

Getting ready location:Best western lamplighter inn

Officiant:Ken Lofgren

Engagement Ring:Peoples

Wedding Bands:Peoples



Anything else you would like to share?


Shane – I was hesitant when it came to getting a video of our wedding when we already had a photographer but Anita talked me in to it. The way Derek worked in tandem with our photographer captured every moment of our wedding perfectly.


Anita-We watch our highlight video daily. It was honestly the best decision in getting a videographer. Derek and Renee were helpful, patient, hilarious and AMAZING. They captured everything exactly like we wanted and Im forever grateful.

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