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Destination Weddings with a Honeymoon- Eloping

Destination weddings are becoming more and more popular with couples today. “Eloping” has changed from long ago when people saw it as the couple running away. Now, it has become and all in one option, providing the couple with a beautiful destination wedding and the added bonus of a honeymoon. Whatever your wedding budget is, a destination wedding can certainly help you get everything you want and more. Large or small wedding, destination weddings and honeymoons allow couples to have their dream wedding anywhere they want. With so many places to get married you aren’t limited to one city, you can explore options around the world. Have your wedding ceremony on the beach and the wedding reception at the swim up bar, or whatever you desire. With destination weddings the options are endless. We have put together 10 reasons why destination weddings with a built in honeymoon are the perfect way to take a vacation and share your wedding vows.

1. Wedding Budget

Destination weddings can be far less expensive than the traditional wedding back at home. In recent years destination weddings has had couples racing off to the airport faster than they can say “I Do”. Simply put, destination weddings are cost effective and are well below a traditional wedding budget. For example, a couple can travel to an all inclusive destination resort for a week for $4000 (airfare, meals, drinks, and lodging included). Compare that to an average of $25,000 for a wedding ceremony and reception back home, plus the cost of the honeymoon! Destination weddings with the added bonus of a honeymoon allow couples to reduce their wedding budget and have money left over to begin their new journey together.

2. Eloping Wedding Planning

Simply put, there isn’t much planning involved. Eloping makes the wedding planning process a lot easier. No need to worry about all the little details, just sit back and relax on the beach until the day of your wedding. Of course wherever your wedding ceremony takes place they will have some wedding planning tips and suggestions.

3. Best Places to get Married

There is no “best” place to get married. The choice is yours. Whether you choose a cruise around the Caribbean, a trip to Disney or going back to your homeland to see the sights, your destination wedding and honeymoon are entirely up to you.

4. Unique Wedding Ideas

No need to search Pinterest for hours on end for wedding themes and unique wedding tips because a destination wedding is always unique and romantic.

5. Guys love it

The majority of grooms are usually not overly excited about the wedding planning process. But, put the idea of a destination wedding on the table and their enthusiasm changes. Organizing events and excursions, like scuba diving or golfing usually appeals more to the guy than picking out cake toppers and colour palettes.

6. Wedding Ceremony and Reception

No time is wasted travelling from your wedding ceremony to different photo locations and then to the venue for your wedding reception. Destination weddings make it convenient for you, your photographers, and guests. From the salon to the aisle and the photo spots to the dance floor, everything is in one place.

7. Small Wedding

Given the time it takes to book a destination wedding and the cost of booking a destination wedding, most couples find their guest list becomes smaller. A smaller guest list means that those who attend are the ones closest to you which leads to more intimate wedding.

8. Spend Quality Time

Back home, your traditional wedding is such a blur- it starts early in the morning with preparations and then soon enough its 1am and the venue of your wedding reception closes the doors. You wake up the next day and your wedding is a blur and you wonder if you got to talk to everyone. Sound about right? Well, with a destination wedding you and your friends and family arrive days before the wedding and are there days after. This gives you a plenty of time to spend with them and enough alone time to spend with one another after the wedding to enjoy your honeymoon.

9. It’s a Vacation

Your destination wedding and honeymoon doesn’t only benefit you, but also your guests coming along. How? Well, everyone loves taking a vacation and finding a reason to take the time off. Here it is. On top of celebrating your wedding with you, your guests are free to spend time with their own families at a discounted rate. Yes, discounted! Most travel agencies, resorts, and airlines will offer group discounts to your guests as well.

10. Honeymoon Time

There is no need to pack your bags and rush to the airport the morning after the wedding reception. When you elope, your honeymoon begins right after your wedding ceremony and continues until the flight home. No added costs, meaning you get to stay below a traditional wedding budget, something everyone appreciates.

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