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How long have you known each other?

We have known each other for just over 2.5 years.


How did you meet? Who, What, When, Where, Why? Common spill the beans!

We met on Plenty of Fish dating website in April 2014. Our first date was on April 13th 2014 at the Western Fair Spring Home Show. Josh had planned to go to this event for a while, as he wanted to learn new things towards building a new house one day. He proposed meeting here for our first time meeting and I thought it was a great place as it would be busy with lots of people around and would give us plenty of conversation pieces to talk over without it feeling awkward. This isn’t your typical first date destination but it was perfect for us. After spending some time at the Home Show we went for dinner across the street and got to know each other more.


When did you know your fiancé was “the one”? Was there something specific that he/she did?

Madison – I can’t recall the exact moment when I knew Josh was “the one” but I know it didn’t take long at all for me to realize this and feel this way. I can remember feeling things I never felt before with anyone else and this was actually after our very first date together. I was driving back home after our date and it was a gorgeous sunset that evening, I felt an inner happiness and sense of peace overcome me and I still remember that feeling to this day. Maybe this was the moment I knew he was “the one”… I don’t know for sure but it was a very unique moment I had never experienced before.

Josh – There we’re several indications, where I realized Madison was “the one”… although it was how easily we connected and how we felt natural together from the very beginning. It didn’t matter what situation came up, that we could always share a simile or laugh together.


What is your favourite thing about your fiancé?

Madison – I love everything about Josh so this is a very difficult question to answer! One of my most favourite things about him would be his kindness towards others. He is always offering to help others and would do anything to make me happy.

Josh – My favourite thing about Madison is her ability to care for other people. She has an amazing quality that will always put others before herself. For those who have got to personally know Madison, she continues to leave a special mark in every one.


What do you love to do together?

We love to just be silly and hangout at home and be our weird selves around one another. We also enjoy going for walks in parks and on trails in conservation areas. I think we just really enjoy being around each other and talk about everything and anything.


Tell us about the proposal.

The proposal planning started about 4 months before the day – Sept 15 / 2015. I had received some tips from a coworker on buying engagement rings/diamonds, which really got the ball rolling. As I was trying to figure out what ring to choose, I was equally figuring out where to do it. I knew Madison would be 100% surprised, as I always made it seem like it was a low priority, therefore I wanted to capture the moment with some priceless pictures. I also wanted to pick a place where it would be least suspected – so I planned a backcountry camping trip to Algonquin park. I cautiously packed the ring where Madison would not find it, although easy enough to access in case the canoe tipped. When we arrived at the campsite after 2 hours of canoeing, I found the perfect location with the sun setting in the background. I waited until the following evening to ensure the sunset was in the same location and the camera was in place. After asking Madison to take a few pictures together with the sunset, I proposed while the camera was taking 0.5 second bursts. It took aleast 10 minutes for Madison to overcome here emotions and finally said yes. To this day, I still joke with Madison that my knee has never felt the same from kneeling on that rock for so long.  


Besides getting hitched, what was each of your favourite parts about the day?

Madison – I have two favourite parts about my wedding day… Listening to Josh’s vows that he made for me during our ceremony would be one of those parts. Second part of the day I loved so much was having my Papa watch me walk down the isle. He had been very ill this year and we weren’t sure if he was going to make it to my wedding so having him there with my Nana made my day complete.  


List of Vendors:

Videographer: LC Productions

Photographer: Mint Photography

Ceremony Location: Windermere Manor

Reception Venue: Windermere Manor (Grand Hall)

Wedding Planner: Brittany Labrie

Decorator: Jackie – To Suit Your Fancy

Florist: Samirah Ahmed – Designs In Bloom

Cake Bakery: Lisa Roberts Cakes

Dress Designer: Lusan Mandongus

Bridal Shop: Becker’s Bridal – Toronto

DJ or Band: Music Central

Tux Rentals: Bud Gowan – London

Bridal Party Make-up: Florencia Taylor

Bridal Party Hair: Melo Hair & Beauty Bar – Maddie Agocs

Getting ready location: Dale and Cindy Wurfel’s home – London

Officiant: Melissa Taylor – All Seasons Wedding Ceremonies

Engagement Ring: Private Jeweller

Wedding Bands: Private Jeweller and James O. Poag Jewellers

LC Productions

LC Productions