LC Productions

Real Estate Video Production


On social media and the web, particularly MLS, you have approximately three seconds to capture the viewer’s attention. Our professional real estate videos are designed to attract attention. . LC Productions offers professional, high-quality, and affordable real estate videography that compels buyers to want to live in the homes you have for sale. From bachelor apartments to luxury homes, LC Productions will provide you with quality videography for all your real estate virtual tour needs. Our real estate virtual tour videos assist homeowners, real estate agents, and property managers achieve their goals and ensure their listing stand out. Our videos attract attention and increase click through rates. From splendid interiors to outstanding aerial exterior views, our videos communicate the luster of your property, inside and out. All our real estate virtual tours are professionally composed, stabilized, edited, and colour corrected. Your clients deserve the best. You’re the realtor, so we’ll leave you to what you do best – sell real estate. We are professional videographers specializing in real estate videography and aerial video production; leave that to us. Interested in adding professional real estate photography to your property’s listing? Contact the LC Productions team today to get started with your next listing.