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Video is one of the most powerful marketing tools out there. Now more than ever its is crucial for your business to standout from the crowd. At LC Productions we help you define your brand in this ever-growing digital world with powerful promotional videos that not only help increase website and social media traffic, but engage your customers in a way no other advertising can. We provide professional and affordable video production solutions to customers of all sizes. Our cinematic promo videos will tell your story and help you stay one step ahead of your competition. LC Productions will listen to your ideas and needs to create the perfect promotional video for your business. With our affordable video marketing solutions, you can be one step ahead of your competition. If you are interested in our corproate video production services and would like to talk to someone on our production team, please contact us today – we would love to hear from you!



Promo Videos Entertain and Educate

Video marketing is not only a powerful tool to entertain customers, but educate them as well. Promotional videos are a great way to promote products or services. It’s reported that visitors were 144% more likely to purchase a product/service after watching a video then those that didn’t.

A Promo Video Blends with Other Marketing

Although a promotional video is a form of marketing in itself, it blends perfectly with all other marketing platforms you may use as well. Whether you use the video at a trade show, on social media, or the home page of your website, a promotional video is the perfect addition to any marketing campaign.


  • Aerial Video Production

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    LC Productions’ aerial video production team help clients reach new heights, literally! Aerial videography has the ability to take your breath away while showing you videos from a whole new perspective. Our aerial videos are perfect for personal or business use. Some of the most popular things our customers use aerial video production for include: farms, golf courses, ski resorts, real estate, commercial buildings, land surveying, outdoor events, groups (weddings and schools), and much more. Let LC Productions capture an aerial video for you!

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  • Content Marketing Videos

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    Regardless of what type of marketing strategies you utilize, content marketing videos should be part of your strategy. Content marketing videos are generally produced monthly, bi-weekly or weekly depending on your business and budget.  LC Productions content marketing videos will help: increase customer engagement by regularly releasing videos for your followers to view, increase SEO (Search engine optimization) value by providing search engines with fresh content, educate and inform customers in a soft sell way, and much more! Let LC Productions create content marketing videos for you.

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  • Events, Seminars, and Conferences

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    With the amount of time and money you invest in your event, seminar or conference, creating a video will allow you to capture these important moments. Document your event and share it with your team and customers on your website and social media. A video helps expand your market by reaching a more diversified consumer base online. From full coverage to simple highlight videos, LC Productions can professionally and affordably meet your video production needs.

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  • Product Demonstrations

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    Video is everywhere! Your website and social media are the most powerful tools to promote your product. Engage potential customers by showcasing what makes your product great. Some products don’t fly off the shelf by themselves. However with the right product demonstration video, customers will see the need and value of your product and how it operates. Visitors who view product videos online are 85% more likely to buy than visitors who do not. A well-executed product demonstration video can gain new customers and help retain current ones. Turn potential customers into paying customers by incorporating client testimonials and showcasing real people using your product. If you want people to value your product and brand, a professional quality product demonstration video is a must.

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  • Client Testimonials

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    LC Productions’ creates cinematic and professional testimonial videos that let your current customers talk to your future customers. Your clients have come to love your products and services, and letting them share their thoughts and opinions to others is the best way to promote your product or brand. Hearing from satisfied customers will have a direct and emotional impact on the way future customers view your brand, service, product, and company. No other medium has a stronger effect. Testimonial video production is the key to promoting your company and brand. Let LC Productions create a video for you!

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    Children's Health Foundation lambton collegeBiz Bio TV Logo
  • It is my pleasure to recommend LC Productions for both their vibrant approach to videography and their ability to deliver an exceptional end product. Derek and his team shot and produced an emotionally engaging video for our Foundation, to be used at our annual Children’s Magical Winter Ball. LC Productions arrived at Children’s Health Foundation for the initial consultation with a strong vision, but they were also very willing to work with my staff team so that the video would be in line with our needs and the expectations of our stakeholders. The development of this video involved a great deal of planning, and LC Productions worked very hard to remain on schedule, while ensuring that the hospital staff, patients and families involved in shooting felt valued and listened to. Our health care partners extensively praised Derek’s team for their respectfulness. Similarly, our patient families expressed that the experience was very positive, and both the parents and their children felt comfortable working with LC Productions. The video was very well received by our hospital partners, donors and staff. We appreciate that Derek’s team was able to create such a poignant video with careful consideration of the sensitivity of the subject matter. We look forward to leveraging this strategic fundraising video in the future, and we remain grateful for all of LC Productions’ hard work, compassion and professionalism.
    Susan Crowley
    President of Children's Health Foundation
  • I am pleased to be able to recommend LC Productions for your upcoming video project. The London Chamber of Commerce is currently in the process of having the final edits made to our promotional video produced by Derek and his team, and the experience has been nothing but positive. The footage shot by LC Productions is extremely professional and compelling and we are all very eager here to use the final product to tell the Chamber story. On the day of the video shoot, we had a number of Chamber volunteers come in for an on-camera interview. Brian’s interviewing abilities were top notch and he was able to bring out the best in everyone. We could not have received better feedback from our volunteers – the camera crew helped them to feel at ease, and many reported that they had a blast! Throughout the entire process, we have had excellent communication with Derek and his team and everything from preproduction to the finished product ran very smoothly. I am extremely happy with the work that LC Productions has done for us and would not hesitate to recommend them.
    Kristen Duever
    London Chamber of Commerce Testimonial
  • I’m pleased to recommend Derek Lamoreux and his team at LC Productions for their video production services. Derek and his team accommodated a very tight timeline and delivered a product we are all happy with. During the video recording process Derek and Rene helped to create a fun and relaxed atmosphere while keeping the video recording process on track. I was impressed with their commitment to helping us create the best possible product – they were very receptive to our vision while we were shooting, but they also provided input based on their expertise which no doubt substantially improved the final product. Throughout the entire process Derek was easy to communicate with and very responsive to our requests and last minute changes, he truly went above and beyond to create an exceptional product for us. It was a pleasure to work with Derek and Rene and I would not hesitate to use LC Productions’ services in the future.
    Dr. Ruby Nadler
    Sigma Assesment Systems
  • Derek Lamoureux of LC Productions is a true professional who takes pride in every aspect of his work to ensure that the end product is exactly what the client was looking for. His commitment to customer service in terms of availability, input, creative design, and marketing made our project a success on every level. If you are looking for someone who is dedicated, talented and passionate about what he does, then LC Productions is the best choice.
    Charlene Mahon
    Jack.Org - Lambton College
  • Working with Derek from LC Productions is a real joy. He's a true professional who loves his craft and serving his clients. Whether wedding videography or photography, whether corporate interviews or web video or photography this guy knows his stuff. Many thanks for all your hard work LC Productions! I would recommend you to anyone.
    Bryan Bakker
    Biz Bio TV
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