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Misconceptions and Advice for Couples Getting Married in 2016

Recently, I was speaking with some fellow colleagues in the wedding industry regarding advice couples receive for their wedding. Sometimes this advice is from recently married couples, friends or family. Some of this advice is beneficial and helps the couple make better decisions regarding one of the most important days of their lives. However, there seems to be some misconceptions in the advice received regarding hiring a photographer and/or videographer. Based on our experience in the wedding videography and photography industry here are 4 topics, which are commonly misconceived.

1. “Negotiate with the Photographer or Videographer”

It is a good practice to shop around and compare quotes and options. However, each videographer or photographer has distinct expertise and a unique artistic style which makes a direct comparison difficult. It’s your responsibility to find the right videographer or photographer. Your choice should not be based solely on price. Research and verify each photographer’s and/or videographer’s portfolio and references. Based on this research you will understand why there are differences in price between service providers. As photographers and videographers we set our prices based on our time, experience, and equipment, etc. For these reasons our prices are not subject to negotiation. We do however offer different packages to meet your budget.

2. "Limit the Time and Limit the Assistants"

A professional wedding videographer or photographer will determine the amount of time and assistants required to produce your desired results. They have spent countless hours mastering their craft and therefore are knowledgeable of what their requirements are. On your wedding day we only have one opportunity to capture every moment and memory with no mistakes. There is no opportunity for a second or third take. We always have to be in the right place at the right time and never miss a moment. To make sure nothing is missed, many wedding videographers and photographers will opt to have an assistant or second videographer or photographer.

3. “Ask a friend/ Hire a rookie/ Use guest photos/videos”

Hiring a friend, rookie or using guest photos/videos will give you a snap shot of what transpired on your wedding day but it is not a replacement for hiring a professional. Your wedding is usually the biggest celebration of your life and it goes by in the blink of an eye. Professional photographers and videographers have an experienced eye for capturing special moments that an amateur may overlook. Professional videographers capture sounds, smiles, and emotions that an amateur might overlook eliminating the possibility of having these cherished moments captured for the rest of your life. One of my favourite quotes is “So you think hiring a professional is expensive? Just wait until you hire an Amateur.”

4. “Just get the raw footage/photos or have someone else edit the photos/video”

When you hire a professional photographer or videographer you are not only hiring them for their expertise in capturing your wedding moments, you are also hiring them for their “post-wedding” skills, otherwise known as editing. As professionals we go into your wedding with ideas based on your input and our experience. As the day progresses we see and capture moments and opportunities that may enhance your video/photos. These are those magical moments that when edited, take your breath away. Professionals always tell their clients, we “shoot to edit.” Professional videographers and photographers spend days or weeks editing to ensure the finished product meets the client’s needs and expectations.


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